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The 2nd Devons War Diary by Martin Body
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The 2nd Devons War Diary:  The 2nd Battalion Devonshire Regiment and its Lost Men 1914-1919

A unique day-by-day account of an infantry battalion’s activity throughout the Great War Written by the men who were there, on the day it happened, Many were killed in action, or died of their wounds. Each one is listed with his name, dated and the circumstances of his death, along with some family background details. This book is extremely useful for

  • Eye witness accounts of life in the trenches
  • Military tactics of WW1
  • Family history research
  • Social history of the 1900s

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This comprehensive book pays tribute to every one of the 2nd Devons who lost their lives in the Great War, and documents who they were: their age, where they lived and worked, and how and when they died. It also lists where each one is buried, or, if they have no known grave, the memorials where their names are recorded.


From the War Diary, a full transcription of which is included, the book shows how the Battalion was employed on every day of the war, from 6 November 1914, when they went to France, to the Western Front, until their return to England on 19 April 1919.


Charlie Yates was a plumber's mate from Paddington and a keen footballer.  He volunteered for action along with his pals from the Ranelagh Rovers when the Devonshire Regiment were recruiting in Marylebone on 6 September 1914.


On 24 March they were posted to France, to the 2nd Devons.


11187 Private Charles Hulbert Yates was killed in action on 1 July 1916 at Ovillers, Picardy.  He went “over the top” carrying a bag of Mills bombs at zero hour on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.  Momnets later he was hit by a shell, there was a terrific explosion, and he was killed instantly.  He has no known grave.


Charlie Yates' story is typical of those of many young men who joined the Army in 1914 and 1915, caught up in the overwhelming wave of patriotic fervour that swept the nation. Many, like Charlie Yates, gave their lives for their country.


This book gives an unusual insight into the social background of the men, and the details of their lives at the front, making it an invaluable aid to research and a moving account of events and characters as they unfold over four years of fighting.

Paperback & eBook, 494 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-905665-84-6
Paperback: £19.99
eBook: £7.99 + VAT


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