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Kim Erin Cowley
Kim Erin Cowley
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Kim Erin Cowley  

"I was born on the Kent coast in 1963, on a January day of a winter that famously froze the sea. Everything was fine until I realised what I was - and wasn't.


As for so many young people raised in the orbit of London, the pull of the capital was overwhelming and I eventually left for the big city at the age of 19.

My media career began in the 1980's dealing with promoters and record companies on behalf of various music magazines including Sounds and Kerrang!.


By the beginning of the 90's I'd found my way to the film business - initially in the shape of trade titles, Variety and Screen International and for an extended period, at the British Film Institute. I've enjoyed a further dozen years supplying support services to producers, distributors and broadcasters, but have always wanted to contribute in a more creative way.


In 2009, I produced my first effort at a novel. In The Wake Of Witches didn't find a publisher but I at least enjoyed the ride and committed myself to another try. My new story Interloper is in many ways, the tale I should have written first.


In addition to earning a crust and negotiating all of the usual trials of life and love, I needed to resolve a conflict at the heart of my very existence. Changing sex has been more challenging and more wonderful than I ever imagined.  The experience of following raw instinct and a drive beyond reason naturally informed my writing perspective for Interloper and I hope it will continue to help me interpret and create in the future.


Who I am has ultimately proved to be more important than what I am - but harmonising both has given me the chance to love the life I am now so fortunate to live."


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