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  H.E. Bates   Alan Moorehead
  Lennard Bickel   Mary O’Hara
Louis Bromfield   Dorothy Parker
Rachel Carson   Kenneth Patchen
Vera Chapman   Llewelyn Powys
  Connery Chappell   T. F. Powys
Richard Church   Gwynned Rae
  Clemence Dane   Charles Robinson
  Grantly Dick-Read   W. Heath Robinson
Theodore Dreiser   Tom Robinson
Geraldine Elliot   Eric Frank Russell
Hilda Doolittle   William Saroyan
  Anne Hampson   Dudley Saward
Darrell Huff   Clifford D. Simak
Dorothy B. Hughes   Charles Sisson
Elizabeth Kata   Agnes Smedley
  Hans Koning   Christina Stead
D.H. Lawrence   Irving Stone
Denise Levertov   William Carlos Williams
  Frances Lindsay   Ethel Lina White
Beryl Markham   John Wyndham
John Masters      
Helen McCloy      
George Millar      
  Harry T Moore      


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