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Film Pitches
Woodhenge by Catherine Fisher
Darkhenge by Catherine Fisher
Published Random UK, Greenwillow USA
Film \ TV: Childrens \ Family \ Fantasy


Set in present day Wiltshire, England around the village of Avebury with its neolithic stone circle. Rob’s younger sister Chloe has been in a coma for three months and his life is in disarray. To distract himself and avoid his grieving parents, Rob takes a job at a local archaeological dig. There a tree has been discovered growing upside down - an ancient and mysterious wooden circle – a dark wood henge – a tree that leads to the Unworld and a kingdom which the seemingly happy and healthy Chloe presides over with no desire to awaken and return to her old life. Ron and friends from this world fight to rescue Chloe and enemies from the Unworld.

Snowball Oranges by Peter Kerr
Snowball Oranges by Peter Kerr
Published by Summersdale UK
Film /TV / TV series: Family / True Life

It’s the stuff of dreams: Peter Kerr and his wife leave the sanity and security of their Scottish farm for a paradise life in a secluded valley in the mountains of the Mediterranean island of Mallorca taking with them (reluctantly at first) their two teenage sons. Sold as seen, the orange farm is not quite as expected, nor is the weather, the sometimes bizarrely eccentric local people, the agricultural equipment or any of their expectations. These include freak snowstorms, chimney sweeping with chickens, rat soup, and a host of humorous events and adventures to draw from.

Other books in the series: Manana Manana, Thistle Soup, Viva Mallorca, A Basketful of Snowflakes, From Paella to Porridge

Hellraisers: The Life and Inebriated Times of Burton, Harris, O’Toole and Reed by Robert Sellers
Hellraisers: The Life and Inebriated Times of Burton, Harris, O’Toole and Reed by Robert Sellers
UK Publisher: Random House March 2008
Film/TV documentary (with archive footage)

Robert Sellers traces the life and disgraceful times of four of Britain’s best-loved actors.   

“God put me on this earth to raise sheer hell” - Richard Burton.

“I was a sinner. I slugged some people. I hurt many people. And it’s true, I never looked back to see the casualties” – Richard Harris

“Booze is the most outrageous of all drugs, which is why I chose it” – Peter O’Toole

Broken Surface by Seth Garner
Broken Surface by Seth Garner
Published by Robert Hale UK
Film/TV: Suspense / Thriller

Duncan Kelly appears to lead an enviable existence. He’s a partner at a sexy Central London ad agency, with a beautiful family and a house in the country.  But take a closer look…The agency is in crisis, and without a major new client, will close down within 10 days. Worse still, Duncan is being blackmailed. Back in boyhood, he and his friend Richard murdered a local teenager, then hid his body in a forest pool. Now Richard has fallen on hard times and wants Duncan to pay for his silence. At long last, it looks as though the secret is about to bob up - and break the surface of everyone’s lives.

The Blood Partnership by Seth Garner
The Blood Partnership by Seth Garner
Published by Robert Hale UK
TV: Suspense / Thriller

A plot that could rival any of the Greek classics in its themes of family slayings and mad jealousy! Ben Spencer is an ambitious young businessman in the cut-throat world of property. Foolishly, he has become embroiled with the wealthy Westlake family – and it’s proving hard to get out, especially as his best friend and his fiancée are both Westlakes. However, the day comes when he has to choose between them and his own family, and step out from beneath the Westlake shadow.

Love For Lydia by H.E Bates
Love For Lydia by H.E Bates
  • One of the most famous and popular twentieth-century British love stories
  • Never before adapted for film
  • A beautiful setting in 1920s Midlands England

“Will you love me even if I am bad to you?”

Lydia Aspen is a young and strikingly beautiful heiress, lonely and bored with her life, living with her elderly aunts in their grand house on the outskirts of a grim and smokey industrial Midlands town.


Richardson, in his late teens, shy and thin, is sent to the house to report on the death of Lydia’s father for the local newspaper.  He quickly finds himself transfixed by Lydia’s beauty and melting smile, her opulent surroundings and glamourous friends, far-removed from his conformist, working-class background.

But Lydia is as fickle as she is beautiful, and although she claims to love Richardson as their relationship grows, her actions suggest another story – with tragic consequences…


Indecisive, passionate and playful, Lydia sends conflicting messages to her numerous lovers. But traumatized by personal tragedy, she spirals into a whirl of wild partying and self-destruction.  Richardson removes himself from Lydia and the area but is finally drawn back and finds a sick Lydia who ultimately can only be saved by his love for her.

Isle Of Dogs by Dan Davies
Isle Of Dogs by Dan Davies
  • A controversial, candid, provocative modern fable
  • To be published by Serpents Tail 2008

Jeremy Shepherd is 39, handsome, intelligent, charming. While working in London as a high-profile magazine editor, he suffers a devastating breakdown and moves back home to live with his elderly parents in a small town in the provinces. There, in an effort to ‘clear out’ his cluttered life, he wilfully takes a dead-end job. By day.


By night, he leads a parallel existence as a compulsive sex addict, a member of a private and codified world of secret meetings in car parks with willing strangers. The sex is hot, the adrenaline rush unbelievable. But the cost is always going to be high.


This is one story of present-day England: poor, provincial, violent, ASBO-ridden, under constant CCTV surveillance and fractured by racial tension.


Welcome to The Isle of Dogs. Take care where you tread.


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